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One of the most important aspects of being a personal trainer is focusing on the client’s goal. ATP Extreme Fitness personal trainers believe in targeting and designing workout programs based on the client’s individual and unique needs. Doing this will help you raise your metabolism, and you will become a more efficient fat burning machine. Building lean tissue will not just help speed up your  metabolism; macronutrients ingested will be broken down and used more efficiently. After all, ATP Extreme Fitness personal trainers are in the business of helping clients lose weight. We want that weight loss to become a permanent part of their lives.  Once a client’s goals have been met, we believe it to be imperative that we teach a client how to effectively maintain their weight loss, and avoid  losing all of the progress that has been attained. This is typically where most failure occurs and motivation is lost.

Assessing the client is important so we have a plan of attack (attaining goals). Body fat has to be assessed first, so we can establish a client's BMR (Basal metabolic rate); doing body fat will help us establish the correct eating regiment to compliment the exercise program that will be implemented.

Then we put prospective clients through a fitness assessment to evaluate: flexibility, mobility, core, endurance, stamina, and strength. Fitness assessment is needed to evaluate a client's weaknesses and strengths. We use the assessment information to create a unique workout program to ensure goals can be attained in the shortest amount of time.



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