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Personal Training


Have you been unable to meet your weight loss goals no matter what you try? Like you, millions of Americans struggle with their weight - a recent report released by the American Heart Association revealed that 70% of Americans are obese or overweight.

But it isn't for lack of trying. You've tried all of the fad diets; you've spent money on "miracle cures", magic pills, potions and powders. You spent money on your home gym equipment; you opened up a new gym membership down the road. But nothing seems to work, right?

Unfortunately just wanting to lose weight doesn't mean you will lose the weight. The problem with all the diet plans, strategies and " fat burning solutions" that you typically see in tabloids, on the internet, and on infomercials is they try to fit everyone into a single category.

Just because someone else in the world was able to lose 50 pounds with a certain change in diet doesn't mean you will be able to. You're a unique individual and the way your body functions reflects that including how you burn calories. The secret to being able to lose weight is finding a program that works for you and sticking to that program no matter what. The problem is it could take thousands of dollars and months (or years) of your life to try out different strategies and systems before you actually find a weight loss solution that works for you. If you don't have money and time to waste but still want to feel great, look better, drop the weight you've been struggling with for years you may need to hire a professional trainer. Because trainers have been taught to understand different body types, they can identify what will work for you and implement a completely customized game plan that will help you burn fat and look better as quick as possible.  Whether it's teaching you exercises intended for your body to help you maximize the amount of calories you burn, or it's creating a custom diet plan so you are bringing in the vital vitamins and nutrients you need without the extra calories. Hiring an ATP Extreme Fitness trainer will provide a wealth of knowledge and accountability to your fat burning goals. 


Group Training


ATP Extreme group training is a combination of endurance, stamina, and strength. ATP Extreme is the next step in the evolutionary process in-group fitness training. What make us different from all those other group-training classes? Our workouts are designed in a more scientific manner than most of the other group-training classes available. We treat our clients as an individual. Making sure that heart rate is monitored, so more fat is being used for energy rather than glucose. We also advise our clients to purchase a heart rate monitor, so a cardiovascular program can be designed on an individual base. This is what we call target heart rate. Monitoring an individual’s target heart rate can ensure he/she is being trained in a safe individualized manor. ATP Extreme group fitness combines endurance, stamina and strength in a one-hour session. Endurance first moving from one station to another keeping the heart at a steady rhythmic pace for 20 min making sure the client muscles are warm and pliable thus injury becomes less of a factor. Training endurance ensures fat burning is targeted and glucose reserve is spared. Training endurance will slightly increase the size of the hearts left ventricle; this will allow the human heart to pump and greater amount of blood to working muscles per heart beats. Next we target stamina (interval training) moving from the low end of your target heart rate to your maximum target heart rate with small-intermittent breaks. This process stamina (interval training) is repeated for 20 minutes. Training stamina will improve resting heart rate and recovery heart rate.  Next is strength training building lean muscle tissue so one’s body can be sculpted. This involved moderate weight training of antagonistic opposing muscle groups; continuously moving from one resistance moment to another. Training strength will slightly increase the size of the heart resulting in a greater stoke volume.

ATP Extreme fitness Group Training is geared towards clients that are always on the go, and have little time to spend in the gym. Targeting all aspects of conditioning and sculpting ones physique in a one-hour session.




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