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Red slow muscle fiber has to be developed when starting an exercise program. This type of training involves constant movement with lightweights for an extended period. Exercising red slow muscle fiber (endurance) will allow the human body to oxygenate cells more efficiently and muscle performance will be enhanced. Endurance training will increase your heart rate resulting in weight loss, Fat loss, trimming, becoming lean, and build a longer lasting energy supply; also capillary density around myofibrils will be greatly increased. 

The reason why red slow (endurance) has to be developed first is because of the heart; it’s like trying to drive a car with an engine that does not work. Both aerobic/ anaerobic exercises need the heart to work efficiently so maximum output can be attained. Aerobic exercise helps optimize your heart lungs and blood flow. Aerobic activity involves moving large muscles to elevate the heart rate so more calories are burned. With continuous aerobic exercise capillaries will widen, and your body will become more efficient in delivering nutrients to working muscle, and also getting rid of lactic acid and carbon dioxide (waist) build up in working muscles. The end result is your recovery heart rate becomes more efficient. Red slow muscle fiber (aerobic activity) has to be developed first when starting an exercise program.



BodyBuilding stamina involves maximum energy output with intermittent breaks. Such as, interval training, and Tabata protocol, these are two training techniques will target endurance and strength; which will result in building more energy and lean muscle tissue combined. The capacity to sustain effort over a long period of time with metal and physical exertion is the definition of true stamina. Examples of stamina activities are MMA, basketball, football, and tennis the list is endless. ATP extreme fitness will construct a program to improve stamina for you chosen sport or event. 



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