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NFPT Certified Master Trainer

Mark is one of our very best Personal Trainers. He has been involved with bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition industry for over 30 years, and was a competitive bodybuilder for 14 years. He loves being in the gym and helping others reach their goals. It is with great a passion Mark teaches others how to manipulate their physiques through training and nutrition. Mark has been fortunate enough to worked with countless trainers, professional bodybuilders, and fitness athletes in the past. Working with such a diverse group of fitness professionals. Give Mark the opportunity to gather pertinent knowledge to pass on to his clients. Mark is also a teacher and proctor. Traveling to countless facilities around the country and world teach NFPT curriculum to individuals that want to become fitness professionals.


  • 28 Years in the Fitness industry

  • NFPT Proctor 6 years

  • NFPT Certified Personal & Master Trainer

  • NFPT Certified Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist

  • NFPT Certified Nutrition Instructor

  • NFPT Certified Endurance  & Resistance Training Specialist

  • SBT Certified Instructor

  • TRX & AIS Certified Stretching Coach

  • GRAVITY Pilates Reformed Instructor

  • GRAVITY Group Training Instructor

  • NPC Bodybuilding Champion


I was referred to Mark from a patient of mine when I was interested in making a commitment to lifestyle change. While living a sedentary lifestyle and working Nonstop, I had let myself go and woke up one day weighing 246 lbs, waist of 40, with elevated blood pressure and chronic fatigue. In under a year, Mark Smith got me down to 216 lbs, with normalization of my blood pressure and a waistline of 34. I feel strong and healthy and have energy through out the day. More importantly, Mark Smith educated me on how to incorporate proper nutrition with safe exercise. I can whole heartedly recommend Mark for your Fitness and nutrition needs.



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